In thelife ofAmanda.

Tall tales and short stories from yourfavourite humans.

We get it, turning 30 can be a hurricane of emotions. It’s a milestone year that’s solidifies you into adulthood, which doesn’t sound so bad until it sinks in and you realize wow, now you’re an adult. But rather than stress about all the moments past, we’d rather celebrate them with a little help from your friends. Sit down, pour a bottle of wine and start your adventure with 

Now, have a little scroll.

A good seed is born

You were welcomed into this world in 1991 and we’re so glad you showed up. It didn’t take long for your magical (and infamous) grin to emerge... you know, the one that makes you so magnetic? You were blessed with loving parents and an older sister that inspired you to become an incredibly thoughtful and dedicated educator... but we’ll get to that a little bit later.

How cute were you?!

Who knew this look would come back?

This is just the beginning...

hey google: play tegan & sara

In this chapter of our lives, we’re starting to scratch the surface of who we are as humans. You get experimental with fashion (if you count visors as fashion) and your priorities (get in bish we’re going to Mac’s for slushies). The whole thing can be... well, pretty damn scary (almost as scary as you were to Melissa Trudelle). Thank goodness for good friends right? You had a real gem step(h) in during this era too - one you’ve kept for the ages.

the hormone monster ball

Three parts hormones, two parts Vex with a splash of teen angst and we think we run the world (girls!*). Better than that, you started to wonder just how how you could help make it better (spoiler alert: you did). From school to house party, Toronto to Montréal and dependence to independence, this chapter was trouble but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. *we do

house party season

a pre-willow hair whip

so la-da-di-da-di, we like to party

Nothing really prepares us for just how colossal of a shitshow our twenties are. We are wired for change like we’re wired for a late night of Miley Cyrus karaoke and life feels like it’s moving at rocket speed. You finished school, got your first real job, fell in love and made some pretty damn good friends that you still have today. Sure, there were some bumps along the way, but you made it easier for all of us to get through it.

pretty damn present

Trump wins the election. A pandemic ravages the planet. Greta is horrified and social media illuminates a scary truth. Relationships, careers and life all change... tbh, shit feels complicated. So, how did we make it? Petitions, teacher rallies, lessons on loyalty and demonstrations of love. These puzzle pieces that define your true purpose are coming together so nicely. You tend to be the most modest about these moments, but we all agree, you’ve shaped our lives for the better. You’d make it through too if you knew Amanda.

a millard moment

Happy birthday. Bonne fête. You are so loved.